is a motion-tracking, telepresent pepperspray machine searching twitter for mentions of anyone getting pepper sprayed at an #OccupyWallSt protest… if an attack is reported it echoes this by spraying anyone in range…

Spray It Forward echoes attacks launched against protesters involved in the #occupyWallSt movement. This piece serves as a visceral statement that by pepper spraying any #ows protester, police forces are essentially spraying all who believe there is a need for a change in the imbalances brought to the fore through the initial movement. Though it stands alone in a remote location, this piece – and visitors to it – stand in spirit beside any protester facing police pepper spray attacks or arrest.

By tracking nearby movement and threatening at any moment to send a sudden spray of permanent red paint towards the face, Spray It Forward creates a charged space that enforces reflection on the act of peaceful protest and the tactics of those who have been collectively entrusted with the authority to respond.

nick pagee c 2011, based on an original concept prototype by nick pagee and Emily Halberstadt.



  1. Emily Halberstadt – creative partner on the concept and prototype
  2. David Bouchard
  3. Thing Tank Lab Toronto
  4. Site3 coLaboratory 
  5. Occupy Wall
  6. Robot Grrl 
  7. Tom Igoe
  8. Graffiti Research Labs




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